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Default Re: Avalon & Camelot Reptilian Experiencers revisited

Well, as usual, I'm the odd person out. I'm not big on shielding because that would assume I'm not already protected and that I'm not already connected to the universal mind and god (Christ) consciousness. Even when in spiritual battle with whatever on the other side or in another dimension I've not thought to shield myself. And in the most dangerous situation I can recall I called upon inner resources to defend myself and sought help (assistance) after it was over. Some of what has been shared here may help one feel psychologically, emotionally or spiritually secure.... however, to know that god dwells within my heart and to dwell in the heart of god is what gives me strength.

And I would like to add that entering into a state of anxiety and fear is giving energy to the dark side. They win. Refuse to enter into fear and we all win.
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