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Default Re: Avalon & Camelot Reptilian Experiencers revisited

Thank you lionhawk for that important piece of information.
Some do not know how to protect themselves or close off after a meditation state,or healing, another way these negatives get in.
My own choice is the golden light the most protective colour of all the divine light once again focus yourself inside a sphere place the golden light all around.
Put yourself and your home in that sphere at night also while you sleep.

For children,
Visualise a golden thread, see how it shines bright take that thread from the head of the childs bed down to the end of the bed and all the way under then back up again to the head oft he bed spin a few times round then take that thread and take it across the bed until you have made a cacoon all around the child. This is a very strong bind of protection but always remember to go all the way and under the bed so the thread is not broken.
An adult may use this protection also, i have used this.

The most powerful of all light is the blue flame.

For protection against people attack,imagine a mirror placed out in front of you this will deflect any negative force/energy/ bad intent sent out.Hope that helps.
This has come up before on sites it has been mentioned that the lords prayer is a defender and calling on jesus christ helps.
Myself i have done this in the past but it did not help me i have to say, i have given exorcism prayers in the past also this does not stop alien attacks, although some will say it does.
I do not wish to scare but just pointing out perhaps they work for some but not all.
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