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Default Re: Avalon & Camelot Reptilian Experiencers revisited

Originally Posted by Kinsuemei2 View Post
Cheer up, you can live your entire life and know somebody yet their minds are still complete strangers to us.
three Grays, well I have two Grays, I would not trade those two for any other, they are practically family.

But few people can you trust, I have no need for religion, I am a immortal soul, I can connect and feel my source, these constructs that have furthered the enslavement of the human race are my idea of blasphemy, how many have died because of religion, and instead of fighting 'them' we have spent the best part of forever fighting, killing and maiming each other in the name of our gods.

They won the first round, make no mistake, they divided, and conquered us
they put a sword in any thugs hand and told us to kill each other in the name of god, and we did.

Now religion is a excuse.
and the sinner ****.. if we were sinners god would have not given us free thought. do you think the Grays believe in the bible or Jesus, no, nor do the Reptilians, nor do the Andromedans, the Dow, the Atkins/Moth-men, none of those species are religious why? because they KNOW THEIR HISTORY, its not constructed BS like ours is, created to control and enslave us, but yet most still dance to the pipers tune.

In every contact I have had they never once mention him, they mention the Illuminati's dream of growing a Jesus construct, by DNA encoding and black magic, buy using a reptilian DNA, and technology,
But they do not want Jesus, do they they want the alternative.
they want a man that can woo the masses with his beautiful words that will lead them into their next dimension.

You do not need an Icon or a franchised frontman to love and worship the creator of all things that energy field of thought that envelops us, it knows us, our soul resides within it until be come into being.

Dont cry, if your friend is your friend she will understand.
even Miriam Delicado said people are not themselves these days, and you don't know who is batting for what team.

I am still very angry that somebody tried to kill that beautiful woman, and she would be ****** off with me if she heard me say that, i have talked with Miriam a number of times, she is very cool
anyways Mntruthseeker chill out, everything will be fine in the morning.
Very interesting and insightful

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