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Default Re: Notes from an exsperiencer

Hi David, I've been reading here. Thanks for sharing.
I don't have much in common, (that I can remember anyway) most of my memory recalls are of a different faction.
The family/child situation had to be crushing.
I have three boys of my own, and lost a daughter and another child before her, that we are unsure of whether it was a boy or a girl, as it was too young.
But after having been pregnant 5 times. I pretty much know what feeling pregnant is like. There are certainly some tell tale symptoms. lol. There were 3 other distinct times when I FELT prenant. I was about 2 months late, had morning sickness, and stretching pains also. Then one day it's just gone.
I've never been allowed to know of any such child though, at least until recently, to which I saw a human infant girl. Was hard not to cry.
I wonder; first of all if it's for real; always doubting myself and secondly; if it is true. What are they doing with my children? Are they loved? Well taken care of?
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