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Default Re: some experiences

at this point i cant remember any more.
i dont know if it shot off,disapeared etc etc.
all i can remember after that is filling the imergration forms,i dont remember landing or imergration.
i vaugly remember picking up my luggauge and getting in a cab to my hotel.

now this is the interesting bit.
from then on i forgot about the insident and dident even think about the plane trip at all untill 6 weeks later i arrived in the cook islands and someone mentioned what a pain the london -LA flight was.
i remember thinking wasent that a weird flight and a picture of the orb flashing in my head.
i thought nothing of it untill i returned home and all of a sudden the memory of the event came back to me.
while every thing after the captains message is still locked away every thing before is pretty clear now.
i cant help wondering what happend those couple of hours betwen seeing the orb and landing at LAX (and no i was not asleep i can be 100% sure of that).
Very interesting! I wonder if commercial airliners are equipped with a neuralizer these days. FLASH "You've seen only clouds and reflections of interior lights out the cabin window. You've had a wonderful flight and will continue to fly XXX airlines whenever possible. Have a nice day."

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