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Arrow Re: A friend contactee with an Alien writing, some help please!


Hello Ashatav,

In reference to the Languages of the Federation

Main languages on the planet Erra, which is the planet terraformed by the Pleiadians : Errin and Sarat. The closest analogy language on Earth is Sanskrit.

The Federation common language: Kosan

Number of languages on all Star systems (planets) within the total Federation: 16,403

From this number of Federation languages, which does NOT include the languages spoken by all the Star systems OUTSIDE of the Federation, to attempt any "translation" of your friends' "alien" will be nearly impossible, unless that one provides a "key" to the language.

The truth about the Pleiadians

Ever since the mid 1970's, the term "Pleiadians" has been circulated and used in the UFO community. The term Pleiadians was first used in the Billy Meier UFO contacts. During Billy's first contact with Semjase, she explained that she came from the Pleiades and from that moment forward, people all over the world called these beings Pleiadians.

From Billy's contacts with Semjase, Ptaah, Quetzal and many other alien visitors, we have learned that the Pleiadians are distant descendants of another group of extraterrestrials who come from an area of our sky in the Lyra constellation. Therefore they are referred to as Lyrians. The Pleiadians offered Billy the opportunity to obtain physical evidence of their existence which included UFO pictures, spacecraft sound recordings, metal samples and eyewitness accounts just to name a few. The Billy Meier contacts have remained the best documented UFO contact case in the world.

From the time of Billy's first contact with Semjase until the present day, many people all over the world have claimed to be in contact with the Pleiadians. Some have claimed physical contact and others have claimed telepathic contact. It seemed that after Billy released his spectacular UFO pictures, people were coming "out of the woodwork" and claiming to have contacts with the Pleiadians. One only needs to perform an internet search to discover how prolific these claims are.

So, for 20 years, we have all been under the impression that these beings are Pleiadians who come from the Pleiades. However, in reality this is completely false. During the 251st contact on February 3, 1995, we were informed that these "Pleiadians" are really not Pleiadians but are in truth Plejaren. In their own language they call themselves by the identical name as their star cluster Plejaren, which is beyond the Pleiades by about 80 light years. The location of the Plejaren is in another space-time configuration which deviates from our space-time configuration by a fraction of a second.

Source for this information:

Some information which you may share with your friend ...
(in addition to the above):

[ "54. An unbelievable number of deceivers, swindlers as well as liars assert that they are in telepathic, personal, or perceptible or some other kind of contact with extraterrestrial intelligences, whereby, however, as a rule, everything is only pure invention, corresponding to profit-making, a delusion or effective schizophrenia.

[ "55. Quite especially in regard to us Plejaren, respectively Pleiadians, as we called ourselves in the terrestrial German language at the beginning of our contacts, very many lies, swindles, deceptions and frauds are put into operation on the Earth, and indeed through male as well as female Earth humans.

[ "56. Actually, however, with the exception of yourself, from all our peoples of our great federation, which encompasses a measure of distance of 48,000,000 light-years, no personal, telepathic, perceptional or other contact at all with Earth humans exists in the form that they could be perceived, whether consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously.

[ "58. Firstly, all those who assert that they would be in any kind of connection, respectively, would maintain contact, with us or with any kind of being, do not belong to that, and secondly they would also be incapable of maintaining any kind of contact with us because all prerequisites for that are lacking in them.

[ "59. And thirdly is to say, that all who claim to be in any kind of form of contact or other connection with us, are either pathologically delusional, pathologically imaginative or schizophrenic, if they have not quite knowingly fallen to lying, fraud, deception and swindling." ] - - -
- These lines from Quetzal, speaking with Billy Meier in Contact #357, on September 10th, 1985

Source for Contact #357 here:

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