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Default Re: A friend contactee with an Alien writing, some help please!

Hi all, this is the conclusion of the strange case of a friend "contactee"

If you dont know it, this is a friend who is contactee of an alien who knows all of him, knows what he thinks and a lot of strange "prooves". (if you don't thing that my friend is a looney hahahaha )


I contacted my friend "contactee" and we start to talk, suddenly my friend very friegted tell me that the "alien" was in internet and told that he must not talk to me.

A little time after my friend tell me that the "alien" wants to talk to me.

The "alien" put parts of one of the books made by the illuminist Zacharias Sitchin (remember that one of the steps of the illuminists "career" is being Possessed by deamons!!, se "The illuminati from within" in google videos by Bill Schnoebelen! Is Totally Amazing!).

I got bored I advance in my super plan to proove that the "alien" is Really, a scammer demon like Carolyn Hamlett, Bill Deagle, Dr. Stanley Monteith and Jonathan Gray Says.

I ask the super question,, hahaha, I ask him "what, and who, for you, is Yeshua'ha Mechaich, Jesus, the "Father in the Flesh"?.

And, of course, like I thought, the "alien" Just evaded the question. I asked again, and the "alien" evaded again, I question "why you are evadeing tha simple queston" the "alien" changues the subjet, I asked "why are you changing the subjet" and the alien evaded the question, evaded and evaded never answering it.

I understand thet the "alien" can not answer that question without revealing what is and changue the question, I ask him "what and who is lucifer for you" and he answerd me that "is the thing whi lives in the inside of the greedy people" a very lame answerd for a "alien" (but is you think, the illuminists are "possesed by the demons so maybe he is right haha).

So he tell me that I must go to the house of my "contactee" friend and he will wait us there. I told my friend but he don't want to (allways hapens strange things to him and he don't want more of those) and, after talking with the "alien" I know that is a Scam like almost ALL of the contactees cases.

Cheers, by the way, he told me that he comes froms the Pleyades hahahaha.

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