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Default Re: War Scenario: Iran, Israel, Syria, U.S.

another article apearing on the Middle Eastern Times this are from Oct. 28 2008

By OLIVIER GUITTA (Middle East Times)

Israeli Attack on Iran Timed Between November and January?

...That clearly leaves Israel with a potential opportunity to surprise everyone including most importantly the mullahs' regime in Tehran. Taking a contrarian view, the ideal time for a strike would be in the transition period in the United States between Nov. 4 (the election of a new president) and Jan. 20 (his entering office).

But depending on who is elected, the odds are not the same. In fact, if Dem. Sen. Barack Obama wins, the likelihood of an Israeli strike during the transition is significantly higher, maybe up to 70 percent, than if Rep. Sen. John Mc Cain becomes president because of Obama's and Joe Biden's appeasing views on Iran and less favorable to Israel.

In this eventuality, it would make more sense for Israel to strike while the more favorable President George W. Bush is still in office.
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