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Default Re: Aspartame Re Branded AminoSweet

It's literally a crime that this stuff is still on the market. In 1996 my best friend came down with Lupus, she got extremely ill to the point she literally looked like a concentration camp victim. Her skin was literally hanging on her bones, you could see here skeletal structure she was so thin. At one point the doctors told her at any point she could go into major organ failure, that even if she got a headache to go to the emergency room to run tests to make she she wasn't having brain failure..her brain might shut down!! She also developed crippling rheumatoid arthritis and joint inflammation at the same time

At that point she went to a homeopath, the first thing he asked her was if she used aspartame. Like many people at that time she was using it a lot and had been for years. He ordered her off the aspartame and informed her that it was linked to lupus, as well as MS multiple-sclerosis and arthritis!! When your body gets finished metabolizing asp. it turns into formaldehyde in your bloodstream and apparently accumulated in your joints and connective tissue, that's the side effect linked to her arthritis.

He put her on a homeopathic regime treating her with various vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements and within a month she began to put on weight, the pain was subsiding and she started feeling better. Within 4-6 months she was completely back on her feet without a sign of being on her deathbed earlier in the year and it all was traced back to aspartame.

Rumsfeld has to be one of Satan's minions...heck, he's also poisoning people with Tamiflu. What a guy!
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