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Default Re: Bilderberg Video

eleni...your experiences and stories are amazing. I'm a bit confused regarding the Zionist faction -American in relation to Aldebaran. I'm using my very faulty memory. Somehow...all of this links together...possibly in a D.U.M.B. right here in the good 'ol U.S.A. Who knows...the ultimate ET authorities may pit faction against faction...and sit back and laugh...if they laugh.

Perhaps when people have been 'above it all' for too long...they get cold, hard, efficient, machine-like...and possibly perfectly possessed...whether they know it or not. I just wish there were a way to make them more like us...and to make us more like them. A properly operating constitutional representative republic would probably accomplish this. Unfortunately...the 'gods' in cahoots with the 'elites' seem to circumvent attempts at proper self-government...and give it a bad name. The cold, hard, and corrupt ruling the apathetic, ignorant, and reactionary is a very unhealthy and dangerous situation indeed. I'm hoping that Avalon, and the internet in general, will help the general public to wake-up and get with it. I'm also hoping that elites will post on sites such as Avalon. The video indicated that the elites find internet posts about them to be interesting and amusing. Perhaps some sort of anonymous back-channel internet communication can be established...wherein the elites and peons unite to save the world! Hope springs eternal.

I seem to withdraw from people more and more as I spend more and more time on Avalon and other sites! I'm starting to feel mid-way between the elites and the peons...even though I'm still a peon...and don't want to be an elite! Come to think of it...I don't want to be a peon either! Sometimes I feel like I'd just like to travel through space on a UFO with a crew of benevolent Humans and ET's. I like my little dreamworld! Everyone is so nice!

You know...if we were able to fire all of the elites...and exorcise all of the malevolent entities from this Solar System...we would still face such a huge mountain of problems...that most of us wouldn't want to touch with a ten-foot pole. We'd rather let someone else deal with it. It's a lot easier to delegate, blame...and look for a savior. Herein lies the problem.


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