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Exclamation Re: Wow An Air Powered Car and More!


To get these groundcars, aircars, and everything running needs an Energy source which does NOT depend on OIL. Here is a new development in Energy storage which eliminates OIL and BATTERIES. ...

The advancements in the EESTOR Technology (Super-Capacitor) are AMAZING. The EESTOR (EESU) Manufacturing plant is ramping-up production facilities in Austin, TX.

Direct link to the Interview:

And NOW to see the ZENN car will be switching over to the EESTOR is REALLY EXCITING . When ZENN gets on the road with this system, kiss the oil companies "goodbye." ZENN will be my next car.

A LOT of money could be made here if one were to buy ZENN Stock right now (this is NOT ADVICE, use your Judgement.) ZENN is made in Canada (YOU GO, CANADA, RIGHT ON).

Here's the link to the story on ZENN:

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