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Default I'm going to magical Wiltshire (uk) for October 14.

Hi all.....October 14. World Contact Day. Icing on the cake if the
craft makes a big show.

I am drawn very strongly to go to the Wonderful World of Wiltshire
for this day. So I'm going. I'm going to go at the weekend (11/12th)
to acclimatise to the area. Tune in and have a nice time.

Anyone else feeling the pull?

The area is teeming with ancient/magical places. Avebury, Silbury,
West Kennet Long Barrow etc. Not forgetting modern Crop Formations.

I, myself, am drawn to go onto the ridge, where the White Horse is, Milk Hill.
Vale of Pewsey, north of Alton Barnes.

Take a look at this ridge on a good ordinance survey map. Can you
see the Dragon? The whole ridge is a terraformed dragon. Isn't that
amazing!!! The chest area is Milk Hill. The tail coils around Oare Hill
next to the 'Giants Grave'.

I am picturing many, many people walking the dragon's spine. Lanterns,
candles. I am VERY excited.

(PS. Don't forget to bring your crystals......)
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