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Default Re: Montreal area ground crew

Thanks Ovsalf,

I agree with you, the topic should be separated, It will be easier to read and followed.

I have 3 examples in mind :

Example 1 Free energy
If someone has a theory about free energy he would post on the general forum Free Energy. However if he is trying to fix something up and would required the help of other people near by then it become a subject of local interest. The person would then create a thread "Montreal (Quebec) Trying to build machine X" After that he would inform the Montreal ground crew about the new thread.

Example 2 Radiant zone
Same thing with radiant zones. Anything of general interest would be post to
the general forum. But if he want to talks about a specific radiant zone or/and
want the attention of the Montreal ground crew then he would followed the procedure. Create the thread "Montreal (Quebec) radiant zones", then inform the Montreal ground crew about the new thread.

Example 3 Meeting and Event
There should be a new thread for each Meeting or Event. This way once the event is done we do not need to go trough the old message.

And of course the new thread would be create under the tree :
Project Avalon Forum -> Global Ground Crew Networking -> Canada
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