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Default Re: Bilderberg Video

I'm commenting to keep this thread from being buried prematurely. I would love to see the common man see eye to eye with the elites. This would obviously require changes on both sides. The more we understand about who these people really are...and what they actually discuss...the less us vs them mentality will be exhibited by either side. More people may need to read the CFR journal 'Foreign Affairs' so as to be able to better converse with the so called elites. I wish no ills upon the elites. I simply wish to bring them on board a populist movement toward a global government which is of the people, by the people, and for the people. One point of interest in the video is when Jim Tucker speaks of asking Henry Kissenger a question...and hearing him begin to hastily reply in a smooth non-Germanic voice...before reverting to his normal gruff Germanic voice! Start watching at 27:00. Is there such a thing as vocal shape-shifting?! I experienced this sort of thing with a televangelist who I unintentionally irritated! Hmmmm...

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