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Default Re: Solar Panels and CME

Originally Posted by gibonos View Post

I just wanted to clarify, how do you know that emp wouldn't fry lower voltage. Is there any science behind it, if we don't know how exacly sun works, we also don't know how powerful the wave can get.
This just doesn't work with my logic, wouldn't be so that even small voltages would get fried with a strong enough emp.

What I feel is to hide everything and kick start it after the event, I would not risk it.

I dont. I said before no-one really knows.

My hypothesis is simply based on the fact that larger guage wiring has a much higher current carrying capacity. Dont know about the inverter or charge controllers though

Hiding spares in a Faraday cage might be just the ticket if you were worried about a CME (I am not).

However, back to theory about what you can do - it occurred to me that I am planning to get a used sea container to put stuff in - I have too much stuff at the moment. It occurs to me that if I ensure the doors and sides are electrically connected I have a large faraday cage ready to hide stuff in.

Probably do the trick for a CME.

If it was military action and EMP's resulting, then if it were me doing the attack: I would hit you with an EMP - wait till you got your spares out of the grounded sea container in your garden, then hit you again a few days later - game set and match to me.

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