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Default Re: Declaration of Sovereignty

We are witnessing the end of an Era and the beginning of a new one. It is not a clear cut, but rather a cross fade between the two.

What some might not see now, they will see it soon. We are at the penultimate step. At the last step, the awakening will be massive, tremendously massive, all coming from within the deepest of the human souls.

No desperate act of violence and control will stop it. No vaccine effect, no barium, nor mercury nor aluminum, no nanochip, no war, no underground facility, no alien attack, no volcano, no tsunami, no Earthquake, no mega-volcano, no psychotronic weapon, no mind control, no disruptive ray into the magnetosphere, no satanic rite, no pandemic, not even the furry of the underworld will stop this massive wave of awakening... It is happening and we are right on time...

Namaste, Steven
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