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Default Re: Is it dangerous to be intimate with an h1n1 flushot victim

Originally Posted by waitinginthewings View Post
From what I remember when the shots were first available, I read that we should stay away from people who received the vaccine for about 3 weeks. Reason being that they might develop the flu from receiving the vaccine & would be contagious to others.

So if she had the vaccine some months ago, you will be in the "all clear" zone.

Hope this makes you feel better.
Fair point ... watinginthewings. I must admit I had not considered this, as I just assumed this was about a person who got vaccinated at the time of the flu (months ago) and was relating to whether the poisons in them would be contaminatory.

So yes, more of a concern if they have had the vaccine recently. We certainly didn't seem to get the secondary pandemic that people spoke of though, those vaccinated infecting those not, so maybe even that (recent vaccination) is minimal risk.

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