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Default Re: Is it dangerous to be intimate with an h1n1 flushot victim

Originally Posted by no caste View Post
I think you should leave her. You never know. (My number is XXX-XXX-XXXX.)

You too funny no_caste... as if your present of cakes was gift enough?!

Thanks for making me laugh this morning.

As for the OP... no.. we worried enough about swine flu and the 'evil' contents of the vaccine. How many got the vaccine ? How many of those are dead now (like all the info implied it was going to kill us all slowly?)

There's another reality here... the possibility that the h1n1 vaccine is not as healthy perhaps as a walk in the sun...but not as deadly as a night in a zombie filled supermarket. I think you will certainly be ok for 'fraternising' with H1N1 vaccinnees.

However, you may want to get to the bottom as to why she felt the need to get a shot from her government in the first place

Peace and happiness.

If she's the one... you a lucky guy.

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