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Default Re: Australia thinking of banning all firearms

Didnt they already do this? I saw a video with the authorities destroying some beautiful pieces. Some of the guns were like the ones used out west, henry repeating rifles, winchester 30 30's, a .38 special nickle plated and pearl hadled. It made me sick to see and worried for the people of Oz.

Criminals dont care about the laws, they have the weapons regardless. So do governments which makes the odds better for thier side. If you question this just do a little research.

Jordon Maxwell states do not give up your weapons. Peace and love is great if all involved are peaceful without an evil agenda.

Sad to say but our freedom was taken by force and will have to be defended that way. We are not at the time when it is safe to give up the last vestiges of self preservation. Someday I hope, but not right now as seen everyday as of late.
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