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Wink Re: Astral Plane - A Reflection of Parallel Universes and Experiences

I had something happen to me in one of my obe experiences. I guess now would be a good time to share it with the readers. It could lead into what will happen in the future.

If you are familiar with the screeching sound we all love to hear. After you break that barrier and fly through the wormhole, sometimes you don't know where you end up. But I had this one experience that I will never forget:

I ended up in the future. I mean way way way in the future. I was in another galaxy somewhere near Ursa Minor Constellation. I flew into or at a huge mothership with a symbol that looks like the seed of life inside of a circle. That was the blue logo on the ship. They were humans. And I had seem to catch them by surprise. They were not expecting me to find them. After I flew in the general area of their craft. They kept me in a suspended state of communication through telepathy. I tried to wake up and they would not let me go.

They told me to bring a message back to Earth. This huge holographic blue map of star systems hovered above my bed. I was awake in my bed and in the astral realm at the same time. There was a crew of Humans in the deck of their ship sending and downloading this infiormation into my brain.

All I can tell you now is I feel that it was very important. Unfortunately when I woke up, I forgot everything. So somewhere in my subconscious mind I have a map pointing to their location.

Keep in mind, readers, that we are talking about the astral plane. So, anything can happen there. But here are a few points I want to make about that experience. It was a confirmation to me that we are not alone in the Universe.

I don't know what is special about Ursa Minor. I'm not an astrologist or an astronomer. But the words, "Underground Society" did come up. I have no clue what that means either.

I searched for years for that logo on the internet and couldn't find it. Until recently when the crop circles started appearing. You can find it on

That sacred geometric object was on the ship.

Anyway, that is only one of many experiences that I find to be a hidden clue to our future.

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