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Default Re: "Eclipse over the Temple of Poseidon"

I would like to share more from the book Kunlun :

"This rare Kunlun Formless Form of nei gung is a very powerful and yet simple way of letting go of all that is not needed. It is the simplification of the self and all it contains. Kunlun helps us re-connect the fragmented parts of ourselves with the whole essence of all that there is, and all that there will ever be. It is the expression of god-discovery from within, simple at its most profound level. This practice is meant for all people and sex, age, or belief system does not matter.

This art is for those seeking the "diriect experience". It allows the merging of the microcosm (the universe within) and the macrocosm (the universe outside). The union of these two worlds allows the activation of the bliss body and through this bliss body, or dragon body, re-enlightenment is possible to the average person.

When we realize this great potential, a golden, blissful nectar fills us to over-abundance. This energy 9the sweet elixir of immortality) flows up the spine and from the third-eye, the inner soma drips down our throats, giving us heightened levels of expanding bliss.

In the bliss state, the heart is open and one becomes aware of the fundamental nature of reality. One has a strong sense of being connected to the essence of life. A natural badhisattva-like compassion for all living things is felt and the "great mystery" is revealed to us. No "faith" is required."

I encourage all to start feeling their way back home, feeling what it is you must focus on to reach your bliss body. Each time you begin to access it you bring back more and more remembrance of who and what you are, why you are here, what you really want to be doing, and how to simply be, be fully aware, conscious, in the moment, in the cosmic breath. No longer does your mind keep you veiled in the illusion of separation, you feel the connection with all and thus it is truth to you, felt experience. Questions of the mind are answered by your heart, because you can feel the answer, the vibration of truth.

Follow your breath, back to your heart, and discover what you always knew, you are god, all is god, all is love.

-Love and Light-
Truly ~ Travis
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