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Default Re: The ego what is it? How to transcend?

Originally Posted by futureyes View Post
ego could be defined as whatever covers up basic goodness ...
from an experiential point of view ...
what is ego covering up?

it's covering up our experience of just being here ...
just fully being where we are ...
so that we can relate with the immediacy ...
of our experience ...

Thanks futureyes.
Yes every word carries baggage a history.
It is almost impossible to see anything fresh and new as it really is.
The ego needs past to exist.

When I did therapy I would ask some clients what the word dog meant to them.
Just one word---dog.
To some it brought up a strong fear reaction.
Others love. followed by Rover stories.
and a few were indifferent,
So you can see the difficulty in communicating with the other.
There is a quote. "Hell is the other"
So often we are sure we are expressing clearly only to find our intention etc is being mis-understood.
In order to have a clear understanding of the content of a communication, the context must be clear, that is what gives meaning to content.
The ego loves to miss-understand and be quarrelsome.
In relationships a common ego statement is.
"But you promised." normal implying. You promised to make me happy and you dident.
or "You said."
Eckhart Tolle wrote in "The Power of Now"
"Relationships are not there to make you happy at this time but to dissolve your ego. You will learn more from three failed relationships than three years spent on a dessert Island" The context being that you are looking for spiritual growth.
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