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Default Re: The Paradox of Human Science

Science divides but it is necessary for human progress and survival. Without science we would have remained the apes not only on civilization scale but also on consciousness scale. It never helps to remain in "kali yuga," the time when all effort is directed towards one's survival for long, to a person or to a species.

Then again, technology that is being employed now is in many ways hurtful, but it is not because of the technology itself (though some of it might be a little backwardish), rather, it is because it is used such a way as does not take into the account the hidden realities of human condition, or rather the realities so far hidden to modern science (they're readily available and shown to all who seek them).

Thus it is impossible to say that technology is bad, or that the ET resent it. The E.T. use their own forms of technology, though radically different from what we have, and above all, they understand that collectively, this is the best we can have right now. The E.T. are compassionate beings and thus will not exclude people or civilization because they have technology; or despite they don't have it.

The truth is, consciousness is the necessary component here, not technological level, and the more spiritual oriented people and peoples are preferred for the mere fact that they can be more easily contacted, are more capable to understand the message and will be able to respond in an adult and complex fashion, and won't be so much like children in the kindergarten for the E.T. It is the difference of issues, for the E.T., the nonspiritual people are wont to have simple, unimaginative issues, much more often then the spiritual ones, and will have a tendency to give unnecessary attention to those issues when they are contacted.

And lastly, let me correct one thing here: To my experience, the E.T.'s are, out of compassion, in fact out to save us from our mistakes, in order to help this civilization and to avoid the Máhakrantí that would otherwise happen, and be catastrophic, some 170 years down the road. It would, in essence shake many people off this Earth (well, kill them), and reduce the human population to less than 10%. This event can be avoided if the E.T. introduce an artificial outside wave of spiritual energies into the collective populace and I have seen all the indicies pointing to the fact that this is exactly what is happening.

Plus I have indications that a contact event is scheduled before 2012 ends, further helping us to advanced beyond our collective spiritual childhood.

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