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Default Re: The Paradox of Human Science

Its our consciousness that matters the most. I have encouraged many to go out under the stars, or simply in meditation, to seek, until they have contact, and they will. Providing they work on their heart, mind, souls and how they feel about others, nature and this world. And whether they can envision a world without banks, money, and caring deeply for others, not standing for one person to live without, and how they take repsonsiblity towards the world and nature.

Anyone can seek, and ask for signs under the stars, many who do this are flashed and even more. Its something we can all prove to ourselves, but we need to move beyond our programmed conditioning and into our heart chakra, along with developing our awareness, our communication with nature, our natural telepathy.

Theres nothing more important at this time than working on raising our level of consciousness, frequency and reporting for duty.
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