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Default Re: The Paradox of Human Science

I still know they are always trying to pass some amount of technical/scientific information to human domain but feel their cautions .

Though many of us think we live in peaceful world their view seem to be that our world is one of untamed violence where serious conflicts and fires of war may burst out anytime and they are scared to be part of it all,
one good reason why open contact was not initiated from their side yet .

Yes, it seems they are not waiting for more technical advancements on our side but for that we are 'people of peace' and culture.

From little minded human perspective the difference in technologies and why are they not ready to share directly seems to be unfair, I have to admit.

Astral /mind plane is easy to access for many but not safe to rely on, according to my experience , it may produce very mixed up stream of so called knowledge which is far away from what it really is.
If I read some of the 'channellings' records , and if I did not have own experience, it may seem that these 'ETs' comment just on everything and everyone, that they are interested in our politics and religious dogmas
and persistently trying to repair our mind set , piece by piece, like some of the cults do.
I think , but that's my opinion, that these may contain seed of truth and lots of spontaneous mental discharge .

That's nice that you 'hear me' Rosie. I can assure you that you'd be soon very hungry and eat with great appetite up there because all the fresh air .

There are some similarly great and beatiful natural landscapes in America too , I know. Still happy we have some nature and not just stone and metal cities all over the place .

Greetings to you

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