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Default Re: The Paradox of Human Science

I hear you Agape, sometimes technology hurts, but mostly it divides us from each other and nature.

E.T.'s have bigger and better plans then to come here and save us from ourselves. We have to do what they did themselves, figure it out on our own.

I believe E.T's also will communicate with people who do not posses the high technologies, as the E.T.'s have already had their lessons on what technology can do. They are way past that now.

They seem to like the astral plane to communicate in, so it just seems natural that they prefer to relate to "energy' beings, over technological type communications.

I also believe, that we will learn more from them when we meet up in the astral plane, then we will here. I think the most important lessons are for the soul, and I know they are helping out in this plane.

Oh, if I could get to the Himalayan mountains, what a time I would have.
Someone would have to pinch me to remind me to eat, as I would be in such a meditative state, I would most likely forget!

For now I go to the woods almost everyday, to be close to nature and to cleanse my soul. I envy the time you have spent there, it must have been quite the energy lifter.

love & light
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