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Technique - 10
The "I AM Free" Linguistic Template Reprogramming Power Grid*
Ashayana & Azartan Deane 2002

I am loved, honored and protected, within the Eternal Arms of Divine Grace

I am safe, secure and provided for by the Eternal Living God-Source and Inner Christos

I am beloved, appreciated and cherished.

I am free from karma Now.

I am free from Phantom's Shadow Dancers.

I am totally secure and at ease in my world.

I am no longer afraid of life's many dramas.

I am no longer afraid to love;

I AM love.

I live in a safe, supporting and loving universe.

There is enough of everything for everyone.

I give myself permission to live the life that I desire.

I am at peace within; I am at peace without.

I AM peace.

I AM FREE to be all that is ME!

And SO IT Is!


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