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r and d, you may find this helpful, i love breath work, and this meditation is so simple, every time the mind wanders you just bring your attention back to the breath.


Mindfulness is a meditation technique which has been scientifically proven to reduce the symptoms of stress and improve the quality of life in persons suffering from a variety of physical and mental conditions.

According to Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese Buddhist monk, "Mindfulness is the foundation of happiness...Mindfulness is the practice of stopping and becoming aware of what we are thinking and doing. The more we are mindful of our thoughts, speech and actions, the more concentration we develop. With concentration, insight into the nature of our own suffering and the suffering of others arises. We then know what to do and what not to do in order to live joyfully and in peace with our surroundings."

Here are Thich Nhat Hanhs's directions for mindful breathing:

"To practice mindful breathing, just observe the natural rhythm of the breath. Please do so without forcing it to be longer, deeper, or slower. With attention and a little time, your breath with deepen naturally on its own. Occasionally, your mind will wander off. Our practice is simply to take note of this distraction and to bring our attention gently back to our breath. If you like, you may use the sentences listed here to help you in focusing your attention. During the duration of several in and out breaths, follow your breath from beginning to end. Use the keywords at the end of each pair of sentences to help you maintain your awareness:

1. Breathing in, I am aware only of my in breath. Breathing out, I am aware only of my out breath...In, Out

2. Breathing in, I am aware that my in breath grows deep. Breathing out, I am aware that my out breath grows deep...Deep, Deep

3. Breathing in, I am aware that my in breath goes slowly. Breathing out, I am aware that my out breath goes slowly...Slow, Slow

You can practice mindful breathing in any situation: while sitting, lying down, standing, driving, or working. Breathing consciously will bring more awareness and concentration to whatever you are doing."

love m x
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