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Question Re: Recent War in our Solar System By Norval & Gale

Thanks Brook,
One quickly learns to ignore team-trolling; the worst part of this are the pearls get lost in the garbage.

Perhaps I missed a responsive answer in the topic switch, but is Norvals hypothesis not a simple deductive reasoning problem?

If one believes in ETs, as it seems many in this forum do, why do they have to ALL be disarmed and incapable of taking shots at 'slates' on moons or at the earth?

I found the evidence of ETs quite compelling, but again, there are other explanations as plausible as the string of pearls explanation of Norvals theory.

There's no way of verifying ANY of this stuff on the Internet, but there was some alleged evidence of a past nuclear war. Russian, if I recall correctly and the 'ancient' land maps of Iceland, too got my attention. In fact this was one of the evidences that triggered me to 'waste my time' on the 'silly' notion of ETs as handed to me from my media.

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Holy cow....what trolls and attitudes....he just said he disagreed

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