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Default Re: Colloidal Silver vs Oxy Silver

"Nice, but pricey!.. it's easy to do this yourself..... I offer free advice on how to do this. If you don't care about it's looks you can make something for under way under $5. I can also show you how to make one from a walmart mains timer and an ac/dc adapter.... email me if anyone wants details...."

I couldn't agree more! Someone wrote of $45 a bottle. You can make gallons for that.

As for time of usefulness and freshness, a couple of years at least, stored in the dark. Use your laser. Is anything collecting in the bottom of the jar? It shouldn't, and if it is, it is because you "over-cooked" in the first place.

It hurts that all this micro-particle advertising is going on. Never anything that you can do at home, that some Grand Wizard of Advertising is is not going to tell you you are soon to turn blue because of your ignorance...

Must be distilled water!!!

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