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Default Re: Government pushing for "computer vaccines"

Ive been madly into computer's since i was a kid, id prefer to pull apart the comodoor 64 and just look at the circutry rather than play with Barbie.

As soon as dialup became avaliable i was using it, being only 13-14 at the time i never botherd or looked into setting up a firewall, and only run into a virus 1-3 times back then.

Now? Still no firewall, im using AVG antivirus and run into a virus maybe once every few months, but thats only when i visit websites which allow me so i know what to expect from going there.

I could be either realy realy lucky, or it could be how it is. The only people whom should be having issues with their pc's are the ones that click every popup that says YOUR PC HAS A VIRUS!!! or MAKE YOU'RE PC FASTER or visit porn sites/wares/crack sites.

My dad, being the complete oposite of me, 1finger typist, only checks email's and reads the news online, has had more pc problems than me (his pc running slow because of all those "cleanup your pc" stuff he downloads) but still, no firewall.

Never been attacked, or pc's used in botnets for attacks. (id notice, uploads are serverley capped in australia, and when you're a gamer, and you start lagging... you rage :P)

so like the "Internet Filter" they'd like to put in over here, this is all about getting into you're face, finding information about you, rather than a genuine interest in helping the public with computer problems.
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