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Default Re: New Zealand Military to Release Secret UFO Files

Originally Posted by TRANCOSO View Post
A man who worked for the Transport Ministry's civil aviation division when the Kaikoura lights were spotted said he would like to see the government files. The man said he was working at Christchurch International Airport at that time. He saw United States Air Force planes with unusual call signs touring the area and believes the full story about the lights has not been disclosed. "For the US Air Force to come all that way and spend three days here, there must have been something going on," he said.
At that time the American government were using Christchurch as a staging post to send men and supplies to Antarctica. So it is no surprise that American military aircraft were to be seen in Christchurch skies. See the following quote from:

"Antarctic cooperation is an important part of New Zealand's relations with other countries. For example, New Zealand, the United States and Italy share resources by operating a joint logistics pool out of Christchurch in support of their respective Antarctic programmes. New Zealand scientists cooperate on Antarctic research with scientists from many countries."
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