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Default Re: Anyone in Southern California?

Wide awake in Escondido, in northern San Diego County.

Wow. It's great there are so many of us in the area. I'd love to meet some of you. I've been having the idea of a sort of "brain trust" for the shift for some time now.

you should know that this area is both full of earth-energy and has anicent sacred significance. Almost nothing is known of the very early inhabitants of this land. Whoever they were, they left stone monuments in high and remote areas...areas that aren't so remote anymore.

There's a lot of "psychic fluff" in SoCal and there's no getting around it. Every health food store has freebie mags with titles like "Light Connection" and "Spiritual Transformation," filled with ads and articles from folks who make a living, or try to, from speaking and writing about enlightenment...mostly their own. Those of you who have remarked that most people here are clueless are right on target.

Ah well, whaddaya gonna do? We oughtta meet up, maybe out in the desert, and have a big sweat lodge, for one thing.
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