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Originally Posted by Rocky_Shorz View Post
Well let me give you all a small suggestion...

stop thinking of it as Project Avalon 1 and 2...

it always has been and always will be Project Avalon...

I would like to see you on Project Avalon mirroring the bright points of what is going on in PLW.

Let people be drawn to your site out of interest in what is happening there...

From what I have gathered, you are a bunch of trainees coming out of boot camp with great ideals, but no combat experience.

What light warriors are fighting is only what you have learned through reading and discussions.

Have you ever thought that maybe it would be good to have a few combat veterans involved that have actually looked your enemy in the eye and can describe from experience what you will be up against in battle.

You will find many here on Avalon that haven't taken the time to join your site because of no interest.

This huge gathering at Avalon is because we have gotten to know Bill and Kerry over the years, we have watched them in action their laughter, their amazement and their fear.

We have been drawn into a gathering meant for us... Though at this point most don't have a clue why.

Some have been here to share wisdom, but most have been following along and reading to learn.

Take this chance up on the stage to toss out your pitch and tell everyone what Project Light Warrior is all about.

I hope you understand what you have been offered by Avalon is a gift and you shouldn't be turning it down or walking away...

Hi, thanks for a good honest reply, I like the way you think

Just to answer the input regarding combat veterans;
Yes, it is a good idea, and we are in fact in the process of making that happen. Many readers will be pleased with some of whom it is
Sorry, can't say any more about it now because the arrangement is in the works.

PS: Kerry is the founder of PLW, I am currently just active in the project management side of things, I am also currently Kerry's webmaster on her sites.

Regarding staying around;
Maybe, maybe not.. Hard to tell, I simply do not know if that is wise yet.
I will watch the developments in the admin section here and see what my course of action will be later when the transfer is done.

All the best,

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