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how in the world can you be leading light warriors when you are continuously so negative..

You should be on here saying WOW you should see what we are doing... This game is going to be incredible...

Gee I wish a few of the enlightened ones would come share some of their wisdom...

instead of "awww, sorry to see this miserable ship sinking before you die let me know so I can toss you a piece of wood that hopefully will float..."

Cheer up, you're only 22 and have been given the chance on an incredible project...

show us a little of your character...

Did you ever consider that I would love to help create video games, I've played enough of them to know what is cool.

Get off these depressing topics and start a new thread telling us what you are doing and not letting us think it is a bunch of people standing around holding candles saying... ummmmmmmmmm
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