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Default Re: Ozone & Ozonated Water

Hi Nancy,

Wow that's really interesting, I was thinking about starting an odor removal business with my ozone generator, but the weather has been so crappy here, I don't have the motivation to get out and promote it yet. I have been telling people and experimenting with the machine here and there, and just got interested in the ozonated water...

The smell, yeah, it kind of reminds me of cantaloupe, which I don't like much. So far it's not too much of a drawback. I just bought this thing about a month and a half ago, it's called a "Maxblaster" and is made for ozone shock treatments in dwellings, cars, etc. I still have to get the attachments figured out. I am improvising with fish tank supplies, but might have to buy the manufacturers attachments after all.

Thanks for your post. Did you benefit much from the water do you think? I hear some people really swear by it.

I'm not sure how much power the FDA has over machines made for odor elimination that can be "adjusted" to ozonate water, people are resourceful, plus, ozone generators are so easy to make with a few spare parts. It's like trying to regulate the use of fire. I expect they will fail.
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