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Default Re: escaping ? selling ? letting go of everything ? HOW DID YOU DO IT ???

Greetings ,

My wife and I escaped recently from Australia . The reason is that our house was monitored by the secret services mob ( ASIO ) and we were victims of gangstalking . It’s a long story . Here it is in a condensed fashion . In 1995 my wife was told that she was adopted at the age of 9 days in 1944 .
Before that my wife career as a high school teacher was derailed . At that time we thought that it was an extreme case of school colleagues not getting along . After the adoption revelation my wife decided to do a family search, which is perfectly legal , and quickly we got the original birth certificate and the name of the real mother . After that we got in contact with the real mother and aunt . From this last person we got a lot of photographs and other information . It turns out that the real mother had a few other children from the same father of my wife a very famous painter . All of those children were brought up in families of relatives . One of those children became a judge in the High Court of Australia .
We think that this person knew 20 years in advance that he was going to be in the High Court . ( Looking glass ?) We discovered also that the adoptive mother had secret children e she was in contact with them . Since discovering all this stuff we have been monitored , gangstalked , harassed and isolated . My relatives have been approached and do not talk to me anymore , even my sister has been got at . In 2003 we discovered that as soon as we stepped out of our home in a Sydney suburb we were object of attention and we had followers . What we know is a few secret of state including how my wife was adopted out , no doubt with powerful political intervention from the highest level .
In 2006 we put the house on the market in April and by the end of July was sold at auction despite the effort of the spooks that were trying to scuttle the sale . We sold at auction all the furniture and we kept only our personal clothing , some carpets , and other small items enough to fill up two metal trunks . We now live in Trieste in the North of Italy , the spooks are still around but they cannot parade anymore their collaborators pretending to be friends and colleagues of my wife .
In the last 2 years I have written an e-book . I am trying to make it available for free to anybody who wants to read it . The book is called : ESCAPE FROM AUSTRALIA : a gangstalking primer .
This book is about the search we did for the real parents of my wife , the gangstalking methods used against us , tips for victims of this crime , and a search for why Governments need to engage in this sort of behavior to keep control of the population . There are a lot of links to articles available on the web some photocopies of other documents . Sometimes it is very important to start anew , in our case we had to do what we did and we have no regrets .
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