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Default Re: escaping ? selling ? letting go of everything ? HOW DID YOU DO IT ???

i realized that "non-compliance" made sense to me
so i decided to leave, it has been a year now
clearing out possessions was a process which took two months
and several stages:
* 1st, i gave things to friends/family who i knew would
appreciate them
* 2nd, every week's trash pickup was full, as i tossed anything
i could not give away/sell/donate - like my high school yearbooks
which was very liberating, cutting the strings of sentimentality
* 3rd, posted on craigslist and had porch sale, selling for best offer
(neighbors came by and we gave them what they wanted)
* 4th, the last of it was taken to a community thrift store

i could only save what i could pack in my car... and it is a small car
and i had to leave the front seat available for my dog, so what i kept
was survival stuff mostly
and with my last $400 i hit the road - no bank account, no credit cards,
just a trust in the universe and that i would be shown a way.....
my ex said within 6 weeks i would be living under a bridge
and trading my dog for a hamburger....
i said, i don't eat hamburgers, and if you love me, you will
keep positive thoughts for me - he is kinda amazed a year later
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