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Default Re: Can someone Identify these symbols?

Originally Posted by Rebel4Life View Post
hey so watching these get the astral entity to attach itself onto you
I am already dealing with some bad ones if this adds to the list ima....x.x
No! The issue of attachment was removed. Before, it was attaching to some of us that could sense it and now this is solved. WE are a collective that receives the truth of where things are according to designs from others whom have harnessed energy. THe energy of the symbols misused (who knows when or how) are what has returned to its perfect alignment from which it was originally intended. IE-the origins of its language by meaning. With the input from others like Suriel and more of you, it was exposed and returned to those origins. This is the depth of why so much chaos ensues at current -we are to expose what must be returned to its origins of intent from whence it was first created! Thanks to all for compassionate cooperation all the way around.

REgards to 'entity': it is merely a door that opens to potentials human or not, animate or inanimate which cross into our barrier of consciousness. Some of creation is helpful and some of it is NOT. Misuse of energy of how we left our origins. Ask the question that burns to be felt and revealed to this exposure personally.

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