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Default Re: The Bibles Signs in our Sky

All these pics are from chemtrails/Haarp. There are many theories about them, but the bottom line is that the skies are being sprayed by high altitude planes, and aluminum, barium, other heavy metals, fibrous material, bacteria, molds, and Lord knows what else are being used for military purposes, supposedly "global warming", and to spread disease and lower your immunity. There is no question that they pose dangers to us, critters, planet life, and our soil and water. All official statements are denial that these are "nothing but contrails". I am not saying they aren't Bible signs, this is what they are. Protect yourself by working on your immune systems!! Stay inside on heavy spray days.

Though the rainbows look interesting, these are chemicals you are seeing. About a month ago, my neighbors house was struck by lightning during a huge storm, and afterwards one of these rainbows hung right over his house.

The PTB are working hard to get rid of the "useless eaters". This is essentially biological warfare perpetrated in most parts of the world.

Peace all and be safe.
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