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Default Can someone Identify these symbols?

Im not sure, if this is the appropriate place to post this question...
if not the moderators, can move the post, somewhere else...
Ive searched the internet, dont find anything, not even on any of the fansites for this kind of art.
This is the only place, where i could find, intellegent people, to give me feedback, on the symbols.
does anyone know what these symbols tattoo-ed on the girls and the one picture called "nosferatu-s-kiss" on the girl and the beast, or "New Malefic 2004" on the shoulders

I had heard once, to check the "alphabet of angels" but that wasnt it, any other suggestions. ive been searching for so long.

Nosferatu's Kiss
**EDIT** ~picture taken down

FROM: Kelle Baley
Project Avalon Member

"take note that this picture was reported to contain both a positive effect and a negative effect. Protection is recommended if you open your light to any effects it may carry within it.

the symbols seem to be angelic yet the way in which they were bound may have been of malevolent means.
one person on the forum has removed as best to her ability the harmful bond and so if you sense any negative please report it. If it is positive, please report why. thanks to all and blessings of peace"

New Malefic 2004

this image added since it was requested that i take down the first one, that caused some headaches.

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