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Default Re: Jesus speaks today: Inner teachings from Jesus through one of his messengers

Personally, I suggest people follow their Heart and very much surrender their judgment, and let me clarify, as someone who has thoroughly investigated both of these teachings.

There are absolutely, in no way shape or form, organizations or even movements around these two messengers or their books. There is literally nothing, no movement, no organization, nothing to join, I can say this. 100% assuredly. They are beautiful teachings and books, and the boogeyman argument, which of course has been used for millennium to steer sincere seekers of Truth away from moving beyond hardened belief systems and doctrine, is indeed a poor one indeed. Yet we are all left to our own devices and discernment.

I recommend we follow our Heart, each and every one of us !

Mine has led me to connect to the Living Christ, in my Heart and these two books from two completely unrelated authors with absolutely nothing to prove and no organization around them have helped me do so and many who I have shared these books with have indeed been very grateful.

My strategy is: Follow your Heart, not the thinker, nor the voices of this world, follow the still small voice in your heart.


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