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Default Re: Jesus speaks today: Inner teachings from Jesus through one of his messengers

"there is no man in the middle


Christ and the knower

this is a personal relationship"
Yes Indeed I most definitely agree with this.

Christians revere the gospels and the letters from Paul. They go as far as to call them the Word of God.

So who wrote the gospels, did God? Or did men? Well, of course the answer is that men wrote the gospels, in fact, men long after the original apostles had left embodiment wrote the gospels.

So from any Christians perspective, it makes perfect sense that Jesus Christ, and the Divine, can indeed inspire men to be an open door for "the Word of God" if they truly do believe that the gospels are holy and inspired, this is the only answer.

Now in the Gospels Jesus Christ says clearly:
  • I am not leaving you, in fact, I will be with you until the end of the age.
  • There are many things I want to tell you (2000 years ago), but you are not ready now, so I will tell you when you are ready.

Now if we are a Christian, then of course we know that Jesus is very much alive today, he did not die on the cross, he was reborn and he resurrected and eventually, the Master (as the Gospels refer to him as), Ascended into the spiritual realms, he publicly demonstrated the Ascension. This is all based on the Gospels.

Jesus Christ is indeed an Ascended Master, a Master who has Ascended. He indeed is alive today, not dead, but very much alive. Indeed the gospel writers of old were inspired to varying degrees, and indeed much of the original inspiration is no longer with us as it lays in vatican archives or was destroyed by religious zealouts in old times.

However, the point is, that Jesus Christ, if he so chooses, indeed can work with and through messengers today as he did 2000 years ago. Now we may not believe this is possible, we may even put a limitation on what we allow Jesus to do, however, Jesus has won his spiritual freedom through the process of Ascension and is not limited by our own personal rules we create in our belief systems.

Jesus has two messengers I refer to in this thread, and there will be many many more!

Jesus two books I mention in this thread, are indeed, 100% about achieving your own personal connection to the Christ within, your own personal relationship with the Living Christ, the Living Jesus Christ and the Divine spark of God that lives within your Heart this very NOW!

Jesus is indeed speaking through messengers today, yet he is not putting them on pedastles, rather he is helping us put the Christ consciousness on the pedastle within us, within our Hearts.

I recommend these two books as they are jam packed with beautiful, wonderful, totally empowering spiritual Truth that unlike religions of our day, are actually designed to help you get your own connection so you are in no way shape or form dependent on any book, messenger, religion, or belief system rather you connect to the divine consciousness that lives in your Heart in the eternal Now NOW!

Here again are the two novels which I wholeheartedly recommend, please consider reading them and then comment on your experience with them. Mine are totally empowering and they helped me awaken to the Truth that I have always known on inner levels, but had not heard spoken here on my sojourn on this planet for this lifetime until I did read them. The Christ is indeed: Born in YOU!


P.S. The Messenger of ChristsWay Letters is a 90 year old woman (who was inspired to be an open door for the letters when she was over 80)! Perhaps Jesus has chosen such a messenger so that we can tune into the message rather than getting caught up in judging the messenger or wanting to follow them or put them on a pedastle. Perhaps it is the message we should discern rather than judging by outer appearances, to me this sounds like the kind of test people faced 2000 years ago when the vast majority rejected the Living Christ because he did not conform to their outer expectations of what a 'messiah' should be.

~ Espavo ~

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