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Default Re: Jesus speaks today: Inner teachings from Jesus through one of his messengers

~ Those who deny that Jesus Christ can choose to speak today through messengers if he so desires, with out even reading the messages nonetheless ~ may do so ~ as of course the ultimate law is free will ~ yet perhaps they will miss a great opportunity that has indeed been presented to them ~ perhaps they will deny the Christ ~

Imagine they were faced with a similar test 2000 years ago, we have a man coming on a donkey, challenging the hardened religious mindset of the day, most denied him, in fact the people rallied up and had him put to death, indeed they judged the Living Christ and thereby judged the Christ within themselves. Very easy to do, a subtle test, yet a big one, an important one.

Again, from the bottom of my heart, I recommend to sincere seekers of Truth:


P.S. If you are 100% sure that Jesus Christ cannot speak through messengers if he chooses, if you choose to put that limitation on Jesus Christ, then these books are most definitely not for you!
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