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Default Re: Jesus speaks today: Inner teachings from Jesus through one of his messengers

If you enjoyed some of these letters as I have (and if you haven't read any yet, now is a good time!), I highly recommend this as follow up book. It comes through a different messenger, as I mentioned in the intro, Jesus does in fact have more than one messenger in embodiment at this time.

This book is the compliment to the Christsway Letters (You can read the Christsway letters for free by clicking here)

The book I'm referring to is this one: The Christ is Born in You

Which really, 100% honestly, I do wholeheartedly, from the bottom of my Heart, recommend this book as a very important read for every sincere Truth Seeker.

I cannot recommend this book enough. While as I suggested at the beginning of this thread, the Chirstsway Letters are written from an Eastern, meditative perspective, the Christ is Born in You is written for the western mindset. Meaning it is crystal clear, it speaks right to you, and is a completely logical journey into higher realms of understandings and consciousness.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book to everyone on this Website and I do in fact believe it is a life changer, a life saver, and exactly what is required at this extremely opportune and important time we live in Now.

Both the Christsway Letters and the Christ is Born in You are bright Lights in the darkness here on this planet, I suggest they are truly gifts from Heaven above and I for one am very grateful for these beautiful gifts.

~ Espavo
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