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Default Re: Thank You Avaloners/ Happy Birthday to us!

Thank you eXchanger and stardust for your reply. The whole reason for the birthday thing is that I really wondered when you guys got the wake up call.

How long have you "knowingly" been on the path to spiritual awakening?

The reason I was so excited is because I've had the feeling for years, but didn't get any type of validation until one year ago.

I know many people have been here since 2008. I didn't find Camelot or Avalon until 2009. I guess I was in the heard of sheeple.

eXchanger, from what I've read, you have been at this for a good while and it shows.

Stardustaquarion, you are most kind to take time to make a post, even if you did maybe think it was a "silly post".

It is nice to be acknowledged. Just by your response, you gave me encouragement.

Sometimes, I get mixed messages here. Love, caring, equality and peace are broadcast by many people but I have seen some meanness, rudeness, and blatant intolerance. Quite a bit of talking the talk but not walking the walk.

Then you have people (like mudra, just to mention one) who radiate love and kindness.

I haven't been controversial but I feel if you are not in the original group, people don't want to bother with you. It sometimes seems a little cliquey, kind of like a caste system. I don't want to offend anyone, but that is how I feel.

Thanks again. Mystique
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