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Smile Re: The ego what is it? How to transcend?

The EGO is a part of the genetic design that makes us feel better when where better then others. This is not part of our spirit.

Its a build in reward system that releases a drug in to the system makes you feel good and you want more and more of it.
Because of this system people who think there smart getting this feeling of being better than you are offended by others who have a lower IQ and still know more then them.

This will tricker another respones by make the person look bad in front of others, by making so called smart comments to other to show that he is smarter when he is not.
And it is worse when he is with his Wife or girl friend, because he can lose here to him if so. If the girl is atracted in some way to the so called ""lesser person". otherwise it wil not happen as bad when men are with men only.

They modded the female and male species to fit the darwin theory profile so what we see is belief . Thats how we got intrapped in the BS.

If you explain how a female species function to a women then they will dislike you, because it is another threat to them as well with out there knowledge they are reacting to a build in program.

In another word female and male species on this planet are not natural,but designed to make conflict. its part of the lie that we are a bunce of monkeys who needed to survive. Its the same with wild animals ,because normal life would not be like that.

Falling in love with a women or man if your women is not love !!!! its a stupid program make you feel good when your program has desided that she or he is the better genetic one. Drags belief system build in to US.

Addiction leeds to one thing and that is death............
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