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Originally Posted by Leunamros View Post
Keep in mind we both are right, even if some of us were, apparently, terribly wrong in something. Why, because you are a creator and that is your power, your responsability, so, how you elaborate your view of the world, is how you will experience it.

So, all points of view, are right, but, some, are better than others.

For me, in fact, the issue of the ego is just how to develop (then, metamorph the ego) the adequate mental and spiritual technology to make me do things i couldnīt do bfore, just the analogy of the material space.
Brilliant Wonderful thread graybeard!

One~ does not have to lose their personality (ego/self) > too be.

Love should be unconditional, but friendship is not~

No one should adapt to another's belief system > too become (accepted as) an enlightened spiritual being.

Each of us (will) have different experiences and paths along the way, but it should be our objective to end up together > one in love and consciousness.

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