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Default Re: The ego what is it? How to transcend?


The ego believes there is a this causing a that ---- Dualty.

My understanding is that the way the Creator set it up is, all life has potential which is unique to that individual form
Nothing is causing anything to happen. ( how the ego loves to believe it is in control)

We are brought up to believe we and others cause things to happen - no we have a way of reacting to a situation a potential to react in our own way, no one or anything causes us to react in a definate way. No one cause us to be angry or happy that is our choice. The reaction comes from us alone.

An example.
The Marigold seed has the potential to grow into a marigold flower.
Rain soil sunlight create the enviroment for that potential to be realised but does not cause the flower to blossom. It may or may not realise its full potential.

We may or may not realise our full potential to realise what we truly are.
The ego is an obstacle to be trnscended in order to do that.

The clouds may obscure the sun but never the less it is allways there.

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