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Weekly P'taah quote:

"The reason that you chose to come here is for the intensity of the emotional experience.

And you know, the greater part of you does not say, “Oh this is very bad stuff!” It does not say that. It says, “Oh this is very intense!”

You are here to have that intense experience. It is not so dreadful when you understand you do not just come this way once. You come thousands of times, all at the same time.

This is a great assistance to you when you look around you at those dear ones who birth themselves into war zones, into, we would say, ghetto situations.

And particularly in the large cities where there are the children coming forth without any knowingness of the possibilities for their lives, birthing themselves into gangs and chemical addictions, into violence, into mayhem, murder and general destruction, and you say, why would anybody choose this?

There is only one reason they choose it, and that is for the intensity of the experience of it."

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